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    Phenomenal plexiglas products!

    High quality plexiglas, Białystok, Warsaw

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    Plexiglas letters

    Possibility of cutting out any form

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    Metal elements

    Stands, hooks, tags shop - shop’s full equipment

  • wyroby z plexi

    Plexiglas products

    Plexiglas boxes, wall units, furniture - fitted to your needs

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    Wheel sets

    Wheels and wheel sets for your warehouse, shop

Plexi, Białystok, Warsaw

Plexiglas – quality in the name

JAVIS wishes to introduce you to a varied selection of plexiglas products. This transparent polymer-based material creates unlimited possibilities for application.

By offering cut, bent and formed plexiglas, and fulfilling orders for high-quality products, we match our assortment with the individual needs of our clients. Plexiglas products are used in almost every area of our Białystok and Warsaw clients lives. Due to their durability, easy processing and temperature tolerance, they can be used for many years.

Plexiglas products

Using the latest technologies supported by the synthetic branch experts knowledge, one can meet the expectations while still catering to the individual needs. Plexiglas products are very common, one can see them in yacht windows or fibre-optic cables, just to name a few. Due to this material’s susceptibility to shaping, we offer it as:

  • plexiglas display cases,
  • plexiglas stands,
  • plexiglas wall units,
  • plexiglas shelves,
  • plexiglas furniture,
  • plexiglas letters.


Thanks to a close cooperation with leading retailers, companies with an established position in the furniture industry and specialists in individual areas from the whole country, we constantly expand our scope and we enrich our product range with new, unique solutions.

We expand the product range based on our clients projects or on own visualisations. Creativity accompanies us constantly. It allows us to act non-stereotypically and rise above mediocrity.

JAVIS Plexiglas at home and in the office – Białystok, Warsaw and the whole country

Plexiglas can be shaped freely. One can choose from a wide palette of colours, so it is ideal with any arrangements and allows to realize any projects.

We offer all our products with the conviction that our plexiglas is a material, which will work well both inside and outside your homes.

We invite clients from Białystok, Warsaw and the whole country to collaborate with us, as we believe it is worth it. Highest quality is in your reach.

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